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Your electrical panel is responsible for dispersing energy to every area of your home. However, older homes may not have the outlets or energy requirements for today’s technologically dependent environment. At Energy Warriors, we believe that your comfort is worth the battle. Trust our team when you need quality electrical panel services in Bothell. We are dedicated to making your daily routines better with higher energy efficiency and reliable solutions. 

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When Should I Upgrade My Electrical Panel?

Your home should always be safe for you and your family, but you can be at a higher risk for electrical issues with an outdated electrical panel. However, we understand that it can be challenging to know when to upgrade, especially if you haven’t had recent problems. 

It may be time to upgrade if:

  • Your panel is 25+ years old: In homes built over 25 years ago, your current electrical system may not meet today’s new safety regulations. Things like GFCI outlets, updated installation techniques, and insufficient outlets are evident upgrades for older homes.
  • Lights dim when using other appliances: If your electrical circuits are overloaded, you may notice dimming lights throughout your home. Upgrading your electrical panel can increase your circuits’ energy so the lights and appliances can be on simultaneously.
  • The panel is warm to the touch: Any time your electrical components are warm to the touch, it is a warning sign that there’s something wrong with your system. If your panel is warm to the touch and you smell burning, there may be exposed wires behind your wall that could start a fire.
  • You’re using multiple extension cords: In older homes, the electrical outlets may be spread out and inefficient. Today, technology is abundant in our homes, but you shouldn’t be using multiple extension cords to power your home. This can overload your circuits and cause damage to your system.

Getting an electrical panel upgrade in Bothell can improve your home immensely by increasing energy efficiency and helping your home properly disperse the power you need. Our experts are here to help put your home to work for you.

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Electrical Panel Repairs

Your electrical system is an integral part of your home. When it stops working, it can be challenging to know the cause and solution of the issue. Never try DIY solutions for your electrical system when the experts at Energy Warriors are here for you. 

Common electrical panel issues include:

  • Rust around the breaker box: Corrosion or rust indicates your panel has been exposed to water. It’s vital that this panel is replaced and the water damage is inspected as soon as possible to prevent arcing and fire.
  • Flickering lights: An outdated and overloading panel causes flickering lights when other high-energy appliances are in use. Typically, nothing is wrong with the lights themselves; you just need to upgrade the circuit breakers.
  • Unexplained outages: Your circuit breakers shouldn’t trip often. If they continue to cause unexpected outages, they can’t meet the demands of your current appliances. This can be solved by adding new breakers or upgrading current ones for higher energy usage.

Our team helps your home manage electricity efficiently and safely. When you need quality solutions, trust your local professionals at Energy Warriors.

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  • AMAZED by their service

    They've completed a few large projects for us, the latest project was to rewire the house to upgrade our kitchen power in the electrical panel. It was a challenging project.

    - Tiffany H.
  • Above & Beyond!

    They followed all the safety guidelines while in the house and were very kind and courteous throughout. Dylan went above and beyond to ensure that everything was done to my satisfaction. I am very happy with the work he did and would highly recommend him f

    - John S.
  • Fantastic to work with

    They are great to work with and have been very professional throughout the process. Thank you, Dylan and the team for all the great work performed so far I appreciate it.

    - Carl A.
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